Welcome to
The Advice Movement

Helping to inspire the Future Leaders of a 21st century Advice Movement… one that makes Financial Advice relevant and accessible to everyone… not just the wealthy!

The Advice Movement technically began in September of 2018, but in truth the Movement was started in 2014 by Steve Crawford from Experience Wealth.  At that time Steve had already started training Financial Advisers in the ’21st century’ Advice area of “Personal Budgeting & Cashflow”.

After training Advisers for a few years, Steve discovered that the two main reasons why they got training from him was 1) He was a Financial Adviser just like them and 2) no one else was offering training on 21st century Financial Advice models and concepts.

So Steve saw an opportunity to create an ‘Academy’ that brought together other Financial Advisers (and Consultants) that were Leaders in their own fields of 21 century Advice, and that was what led to the launch of ‘theXYacademy’ in 2017.

But over the last 18 months Steve realised that he had an obligation…. to help every aspiring and current Financial Adviser build an Advice Model – not just those that are GenXY or focussing on GenXY clients.  Because the power of great Financial Advice is something that everybody needs… not just our younger clients and younger Advisers.

So that brings us back to Sept 2018 – and back to The Advice Movement.   A group of Advice Leaders who are passionate about 21st century Financial Advice Models – and are willing to let you Watch what they do with their clients, Teach you how to do it yourself, and offer to Coach you along the journey.

We’ll do this via Webinars, Online Courses, Podcasts, Blog Posts and LIVE events…. and together we’ll keep our Industry moving forward towards an Advice Profession that is relevant and accessible to every Adviser and every client.

Join our Movement – to access insights and inspiration from our Advice Leaders!