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The Advice Movement is about everyone – 21st century Financial Advice is something that we all aspire too, so instead of just talking about what our Leaders do in their own businesses – they’ve worked with us to create Courses that teach you how to do it yourself. Some of our courses are live now, and the rest will be online between now and Feb 2019.

Each course is unique but they all have two things in common – they are all about 21st century Financial Advice and taking Action – and they’re all offered for the same super valuable price!

Option 1
Course Only

Priced at $247

(in AUD incl. of GST)

This option is your entry level, you get access to the Course on it’s own, but no extras or one on one Coaching.  Best suited to the price conscious or DIY’ers who don’t need extras.

Option 2
Course + Toolkit

Priced at $497

(in AUD incl. of GST)

This option is for the Coach that doesn’t want to have to build a bunch of support material, you get access to the Course plus a bunch of templates that you can re-style and edit to suit your own brand.  But no one on one Coaching.  Best suited DIY’ers who need extras – but no Coaching.

Option 3
Course + Toolkit + Coaching Calls

Priced at $747

(in AUD incl. of GST)

This option is for the Coach who wants to hit the ground running!  You get the Course plus the extra and 3 x one on one Virtual Coaching sessions with the Course Creator or their team!  Best suited to those who have specific questions or just value extra Accountability!


By Steve Crawford

Your Spending Coach (YSC) is a course for any Financial Adviser looking to build a Personal Budgeting & Cashflow program for their clients – designed to help them take control of their Spending and Saving.

The program is designed to provide the “Coach” (who could also be a Mortgage Broker or Accountant) with all the tools needed to become your clients “Spending Coach”. In doing so you will help your clients understand how they spend their money and know what a balanced budget looks like for them, identify ways to create a banking solution that supports their spending and savings objectives and stay accountable to their spending and savings goals each week and month.


By Phil Thompson

Everything you need to know about creating videos within your professional services business!

It is designed to guide you through every element of the video creating process and how to implement it into your business processes no matter if you’re a sole practitioner or  a large practice with a dedicated marketing resource.  The course is created by a Financial Adviser so it was built to fit into your day to day processes.   Some of the things you’ll learn from doing this course include  /  Different ways to use video in your business from client testimonials, internal communication to personalized client videos  /  Exactly what equipment you need and for what purpose  /  How to record and edit a video in house  /  How to create engaging content for social media.


By Peita Diamantidis

This course provides you with a step by step guide to to develop your practices in a way that ensures you can remain relevant while also forging your own path forward. You’ll cover techniques that will make small adjustments to the way you work on a day to day basis, in an effort to find that elusive extra time we can then apply to automating some stuff, as well as lay the foundations in your business to ensure any efforts you make to change and grow how you do things actually stick.  Then you’ll learn ways to identify your first renovation project, and how to manage them to ensure you see them right through to successful completion.

Finally it wouldn’t be an automation & innovation program if you didn’t look at how to use apps and programs so you will spend a good amount of time stepping through the different categories of apps you have at your disposal and even profile a handful of the better performers in each category.


By Sam Robinson & Josh Wingrove

This course is in design mode at the moment – but when it does go live here’s what it will be about!

With so many different ways to run your online marketing, branding and social media presence it is hard to know how and where to start, how to get to the next level and if it is even worth spending time and money doing this.  Our SEO and Social experts will guide you through a practical approach on how to master the art of your online and social media presence and how you can create a fun community, solidify your brand and best of all generate consistent warm leads of ideal clients.

They will discuss, Facebook, Instagram, Google, websites, LinkedIn, SEO, Online Advertising and this will just scrape the surface!


By Mia Taylor

This course is in design mode at the moment – but when it does go live here’s what it will be about!

Let’s be honest, most small Finance businesses are setup to look after their clients and manage everything to do with their money – they aren’t exactly setup to develop their staff like a big Finance company.  The problem if you’re an employee of a typical small finance business, is that Career development – if it happens at all – is largely left to “on the job training” and whatever role is vacant is the one to go for….

If you’re like me, then you don’t want to sit around and wait for someone else to develop your career for you – you want to take control of this yourself.  Whether you work in a big institution or a small business, you should develop your own Career plan like a BOSS!.  In this course you’ll learn how to do just that, and supercharge your career development in the process.


By Stewart Bell

This course is in design mode at the moment – but when it does go live here’s what it will be about!

For years advice businesses have achieved valuations that left accountants looking on in envy, but the question now is whether that traditional “stickiness” will endure in a hyper connected world where switching loyalty is no more than a button press or email away.

Add into the mix the ongoing battle with the media, uncertainty around all things financial planning and the entrance of new players into an already under-realised market, and the question is being asked.

Why would you pay ongoing fees to advisers, and what do you get for your money anyway?  Answer all these questions and many more in this course!


By Matt Hawkins

This course is in design mode at the moment – but when it does go live here’s what it will be about!

Let’s be honest… everybody would love to have a constant stream of client referrals coming from a “Referral Partner” – the only problem… every business in the traditional referral partner space (Accountant, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers etc.) has already had 100 other Financial Advisers seek them out for a ‘mutually beneficial relationship’.

So when you’re starting out, or looking to grow, how the heck to do convince your target referral partner to send prospective clients your way?

In this course, Matt will share with you the exact process that he has built that has led to years of growing referral relationships.  Including what to do and more importantly what not to do – to impress your potential partner’s right from the first phone conversation.


By Steve Browning

This course is in design mode at the moment – check back in a months time to see what it is all about.

Strategy is one of those annoying things that everybody understands, but few can actually implement.  It seems like Financial Planning firms are sometimes more prone to this than others.  For too long the default strategy for starting a Financial Planning practice was “copy what has worked in the past for others” and then just run as hard and fast as you can.  But few people genuinely believe that what has made firms of the past successful, will actually work in the future.

The rules of the game have changed – no longer is it a safe bet to simply copy what has been done before.  The most important strategies to have in place in the future may not have even been created yet.  So what does that mean for those business owners and aspiring owners, who are either starting out now, or just started out?

It means you need to understand how Strategy actually works, and what strategic decision making model will work best for you..both today and as things change in the future.


By Steve Crawford

This course is in design mode at the moment – but when it does go live here’s what it will be about!

One thing most Financial Advisers have in common – they are great at helping their clients make smarter, more confident decisions around their money, but they know that to do that well, they have a limited number of clients that they can work with, before the value that they add to each client starts to diminish.

The days of just ‘cloning’ yourself with more Financial Advisers, as the only way to help more people are over.  Sure you can use technology to make your processes as efficient as possible, to ensure you’re maximising your time with your clients, but you’ll still cap out eventually.

So why not take the best bits of your Financial Advice process and use a medium that allows you to grow your client base, scale up, and once it is built – take up almost none of your time?   Through building your own Online Course you can do just that… and in this course, Steve will teach you everything you need to know!

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