Episode 04 – What Stewart Bell has learnt from coaching over 500 Financial Advice practices

Stewart Bell has the looks and voice of a younger Hugh Grant – but don’t let that fool you… he’s as Aussie as it comes – just listen to the cracking “G’day” he gives us in the first minute or so.

It’s no wonder he was unofficially voted the sexiest sounding Business Coach in the Financial Advice sector – that and the fact that he’s worked with over 500+ practices in his 20+ years in the industry made him one of my absolute must haves for the Podcast.

Stew and I discuss his views on Vertical Integration vs Self Licensed practices, why he thinks Gen X and Y are the future of Financial Advice – even if they distrust authority, and what he learnt from his several trips into Silicon Valley – that you can apply into your Practice today.

He also takes the time to give us a freebie 30 minute coaching session on his 5 Step “On Ramp” for your Business (which I could have swore I counted at least 6 steps…maybe one was a Bonus Step!).

Anyway… within the first minute you’ll feel like you’ve sat down to a lovely cup of tea and are staring into your perfect British Countryside view… and you’ll hopefully learn a heap too.


Show Notes:

About Steve, his Businesses and how he can help you


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