Episode 30 – LIVE from the FPA Congress – Day 2 (Part 2) with Fraser Jack talking Advice Tech, Louise Andrews networking through Women and Cent$ and Ashley Murphy on the crossing the USA/AUS divide for his clients

Join us as we take the Robo’s are Coming! LIVE from the FPA Congress in Sydney, Australia with over 1400 of the Financial Advice communities best and brightest minds.  Over the course of 3 days we’ll be bringing you interviews with Financial Advisers, Industry Partners and Speakers – as they assemble at the FPA Congress to continue to good fight against the battle of ‘irrelevance’.

Please enjoy the conversations from the second part of Day 2…

First up we were joined by my good friend, and Advice Intelligence Head of Client Partnership, Fraser Jack as we discuss all things Advice Tech, and how we can start to put the Consumer (our current and future Clients) back into the centre of our Advice Tech universe.

Next I was joined by Louise Andrews from Women and Cent$ – a fantastic initiative that she has co-created with Mary Barker (a Financial Planner).  A great grass roots event for females in financial services, currently run quarterly out of Sydney – but if Louise has anything to do with it, they’ll be going National in no time!!

Finally, all the way from the U, S of A! I’m joined by Ashley Murphy from Arete Wealth Strategists / Arete Wealth Australia.  Ash (an Aussie expat) and I met at the XYPN Live event in St. Louis and now it’s his turn to share his wisdom for all our Aussie listeners and some of the ‘folks’ at the FPA Congress.

We hope you enjoy our brief, but valuable discussions… and check out the notes below to find out more about our show guests.

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