Episode 27 – Chris Yena – This Gaffer know’s a thing or two about what drives success – both in professional sports and professional services firms!

“Sometimes those who lead their businesses get scared and won’t make the decisions they need to”… if this sounds like a voice you might be hearing in your own head from time to time, then this Robo’s episode with the always charismatic Chris Yena – the very experienced and successful GM of a mid-sized Financial Planning firm – is absolutely for you.

This was the answer that Chris gave to a question around why Financial Planning practices don’t make the leap of faith that they need, and ultimately know, will be best for themselves and their businesses. You’ll get to learn that Chris has always taken a very logical and structured approach to all of his important decisions along his Financial Planning journey, from product land to licensee and most recently practice owner and GM of a growing and changing firm.

Chris has many loves but few allow him to really engage his passion for culture and strategy like running his Financial Planning firm – Warringal Financial Services – and when he is coaching his teams in the round ball game (or Football – the only real Football he will say as well). That’s because both provide amazing rewards when you get the balance right between Strategy, Culture, Talent, Patience and hard bloody work. It is this quest for finding the balance, and then trying to keep it in an ever changing environment, that has made Chris one of the few people that has taken on the role of GM in a firm, and where most have failed, he has not survived but thrived!

Chris aka “Geeza”… is just a ripping bloke… despite his successes he is humble and down to earth, maybe that is part of his heritage, and maybe it’s because he also follows the mighty Tottenham Hotspur’s – the people’s club… In this Poddie you’ll get to hear how Chris and I met about 15 years ago when we were both on the “product” side of the fence, and how I looked to him as someone who I thought could see “the writing on the wall” before everyone else.

It’s an ability to read the play before it happens, that has allowed him to always time his runs well, giving himself and those around him the best chance of kicking goals… and ultimately winning whatever game they are playing!


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