Episode 26 – Anne Graham – on knowing when and how to take ‘conservative’ risks to help you grow your Financial Planning firm

Anne is dead set one of the most genuine people you will every meet, and someone that I am privileged to call not only my friend, but also a true mentor for my business. She has over 20 years of Financial Planning experience and has a list of recognition’s as long as your arm and when you hear her “story” you’ll understand why. Inwardly the way Anne has approached all of her decisions is with a “conservative at heart” nature, which has led to her patient but inevitably successful development of herself as a Financial Planner, her marriage with David, her business and now her place as an role model to younger females in the industry (even if she doesn’t admit that is exactly what she is).

Outwardly she is confident in her sense of self, her moral compass and her right to challenge the way things are done. Whether that is in her role as the female CEO and leader of a successful Financial Planning practice in what is still a male dominated industry, or in the way she confidently challenges the status quo and her views on the future of Financial Planning in Australia and who should ultimately decide how we as Planners provide advice to our clients…

And she can swear like a sailor on shore leave which is another reason I love her to bits!!! All the class and professionalism of a Big 4 corporate CEO, yet still finds a way to be down to earth and have a laugh, and drink and the odd blue phrase to lighten the mood!

Anyone that has met Anne in person will know exactly what you’re going to get from this episode… A bit of a history lesson, mixed with her journey in and out of business partnerships and back into a new “Story” in her new business with her new business partners (Sarah & Kara). The best thing about Anne is that she still “hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up”…. but you know that whatever that is, she’ll give it a “bloody good crack!”

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