Episode 25 – David Rae – an inspiration for everyone in the LGBT community that wants to take their financial conversations to centre stage

David Rae CFP (the original and still the best – soon to be trademarked) brings the energy and the theatre into everything he does.  In a Financial Services world that can be accused (and rightly so) of being a “Boys Club”, that is too much same/same, David brings his own style, personality, energy and connection with his LGBT community to the “centre stage”, rather than leaving it in the wings…

He has built up a very successful business simply by bringing his authentic brand and then working bloody hard to take advantage of the opportunities that were presented to him.  Today he is well known in the US, both inside the Financial Planning world, and in his home town of L.A. because of the way he’s been able to put some energy and excitement back into talking about your Finances.  The fact that he’s done that on TV, whilst flying the flag for those in the LGBT community is even more inspiring.  And all this coming from the son of an NFL footballer who grew up in a very traditional suburb in California…

When I saw David on stage at the XYPN conference, his passion and energy was plain to see…  He’s forged a path for others in the LGBT community to follow in his footsteps.  To believe in themselves beyond their own ability to be great at what they do… but to do it in a way where they can truly be themselves, without the fear of needing to downplay or hide who they are.

Whether it’s on TV set… or by reading one of his blogs – or hopefully listening to this Podcast – you can’t help but connect with David and everything he is doing for himself and his amazing community.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed being a part of the “The David Rae CFP” hour…


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