Episode 24 – Dylan and Luke – two paths to the same destination. Masters of their own destiny!

There are different paths that we can take on our Financial Planning journey and today’s guests are walking two of them – both very different from each other – yet with the same end goal in mind.  To be the owners of a boutique Financial Planning practice that is something they have built, and that they can call their own.

Dylan Martin and Luke Grundy are around the same age, yet they have completely opposite stories on how they got into Financial Planning… one came from a Theatre background, single and ready to take on the world… the other straight from University and already with his first child.   The journey’s that they have taken canvass the two most common forms of how young Advisers are getting into owning a practice these days.  One from a Succession Plan and the other via a newly formed Start Up.

But just because they’ve walked opposite roads to get to where they are today, it doesn’t mean that they don’t face the same challenges.  In our Podcast we explore their histories and how the got into Financial Planning, the challenges of working in a firm where you might believe their is something more out there, how they went about making the big Strategic decisions that needed to be made in their business…education….the future post the Royal Commission and lot’s more.

I hope you enjoy listening to their story…

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