Episode 23 – Cristina and Stephanie – life long friends who decided to bring Mana to those needing financial empowerment

Sometimes in business good things come to those that wait…  And that definitely seems to be what is going to happen for lifelong friends, but only months long business partners Stephanie and Cristina.  Coming to the business with completely different skill sets and views on how they think (one is super analytical and one is super ‘gut instinct’) could be seen as too big of a risk to take… especially when your starting a business with your best friend.  But what you’ll hear in Cristina and Stephanie’s story is that they are completely in sync – and everything they are trying to build, is designed to bring out the best in each other.

Their story begins way back in college, where one junior and one senior became best friends – even if one of them could come across a bit snarky at times (by her own admission), and then journey’s through their blossoming careers on different sides of the Financial divide – one in Funds Management and one Auditing Fund Managers, to where they are today – only 2 months into their new Financial Planning firm – Mana FLD.

When I met Cristina and Stephanie in St. Louis in September they came across as though they’d been in business together for years… it is that trust and confidence in each others ability to see what is needed to make new ideas work, that I believe will help them create an amazing and successful business that helps them give “Mana” back to themselves, each other and their lucky clients.

In our Podcast, they both share their views on what is right and wrong about the industry – especially on the institutional side – as well as what they plan to do to fix it through Mana.  They share how their business is going in the very early stages (and some of their lead numbers would put established bigger businesses to shame!) and what they’ve got planned for the first 12 to 24 months.

As someone who’s business is coming up for it’s 10 year anniversary it is easy to become complacent and also a bit jaded about the future of the Industry (as it moves towards the profession we want it to become).  That is why it is so invigorating and inspirational to spend time with a couple of people who are super excited to be starting out in Financial Planning.  Whoever said our Industry isn’t an attractive place for new start up businesses clearly hasn’t met Stephanie and Cristina yet!

I hope you enjoy listening to their story…

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