Episode 22 – Reuben Zelwer – from the tragedy of losing a business partner to giving back in his community and so much more

For someone who has the majority of his Financial Planning career still ahead of him, Reuben’s already faced more challenges and heart aches in business and in life, than most of us could ever imagine.  Starting out fresh faced with a degree in Accounting, Reuben tried the path of most accounting grads – off to a Big 4 firm he went.  But he quickly realised that life wasn’t for him – his heart and passion was destined to lead him to the world of a boutique community focused Financial Planning practice.

Some would say that from that decision, Reuben landed the holy grail – a great Planning job in a firm with a constant stream of good quality client leads, and before he knew it at the ripe old age of 27 – equity was put on the table to become an owner in the firm.  But of course the story doesn’t play out that way…. a business separation dragged through mediation – years of stressful separation, a new beginning in a new firm, with a new soon to be business partner would see things starting to look up again for Reuben.

But a phone call early one Melbourne morning would change Reuben’s life and practice forever…

In our Podcast, Reuben shares his story with all of his highs and lows…and in classic Reuben way he just gets that from time to time “things will be a little bit shit from – but you’ve just got to keep on going”.  Through it all he’s been true to himself and what he is passionate about!

Reuben also shares how he works on his other passions, working in the broader Jewish community to help those that need financial help, but might not be able to afford it.  Reuben is just like us… a regular guy that wants to help people with their money, and he’s had to do it while facing some of the toughest challenges that could happen to anyone in business.  He’s done it with a smile on his face because things could always be worse…

I hope you enjoy listening to Reuben’s story…


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