Episode 21 – Anne Fuchs – on why the industry needs both sides of the debate to move it forward

Annie is a bright Ruby red rose in a sea of Blue tie wearing sameness.  That’s not to say that the world of Financial Advice doesn’t need the “Blue Tie Brigade” – but it definitely needs more Ruby Red Roses, passionately standing up for what they believe in – whether that is for equality in how females are treated in and around Professional Services, for the right to be able to debate your point of view, or even declare which side of the political divide you stand on.

Anne and I have known each other for years, and despite Anne being my DISC profile clone (seriously..we got the exact same score – pretty scary) she is someone that I’ve always had an enormous amount of time and respect for.  Never backwards in coming forwards for what she believes is right and fair and just, today Anne is leading and inspiring a whole new generation of females in the Financial Services profession, as well as anyone that has at one time or another felt that they could never truly be themselves, for fear of being ‘left out’ when the sides are picked.

In our Podcast, Anne shares her life with us from a time before Financial Services, when a 16 year old school girl fell in love (from a distance) with the Grandfather of the Australian Superannuation system, to packing up her suitcase and setting out for a shot at the bright lights of Hollywood – to when she met her hubbie and yin to her yang, Frank Fuchs…yep..that’s his name…how cool is that!

She also opens our eyes like only Anne can, to the idea that we need to listen – truly listen – to both sides of every argument.  Whether that is political, education based, industry vs consumer, male and female – all of us need to listen to each others points of view, if we are to find the common ground, where the best outcomes for all sit.  Because from there we can all move forward…following the lovely lady in the bright Ruby Red dress.

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