Episode 20 – Greville Pabst – gives us a private inspection of his journey from Property Valuer to the Buyer’s Jury on The Block!

You might recognise him as one of the Buyer’s Jury on TV’s “The Block” and instantly think that he’s always been at the top of the Property Market and only deals with wealth property buyers and sellers.  But when you listen to his story you realise that – like his beloved Western Bulldogs Football Club – his story is one of hard work and humble beginnings, in the West Melbourne suburb of Footscray.

Greville is passionate about Property and the role that it plays in the overall wealth of the average Australian – who as we know has an absolute obsession with the Bricks and Mortar dream.  In particular Greville is passionate about making sure that Australians have access to quality and impartial Property Advice, and he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to “part time Property experts”.

In our Podcast, Greville shares his story that takes us back to a boy growing up in a not so nice version of what has become a very trendy Footscray, to his tears of joy when his Western Bulldogs won the AFL flag in 2016 (much to my disappointment as they flogged my beloved Swans).  Along the way he use some of his uniquely “Grevillisms” to openly challenge those pro-porting to be Property Experts.

He also takes us through his tried and tested process that can help the Average Aussie make smarter decisions around what Properties they should be looking at.  As well as exploring some of the risks associated with Off The Plan purchases, and how to use an evidence based approach to minimise risk when it comes to helping your clients buy their next property.


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