Episode 18 – Benjamin Marshan – started out carving up Cadaver’s – and now he carves up Reg’s and Leg’s to improve the world of Financial Advice for all of us!

Ben is the softly spoken achiever of the Advice Industry, as he tries to help everyone move it towards a profession.  For someone who struggled with learning and structured study as a child and young adult (due to his dyslexia and ADHD) he could have just played the “it’s all too hard” card – but he didn’t – He went on to push himself through University to get high honours in both his BSc (Micro Biology and Anatomy) as well as his Masters of FP as well as his CFP.

After finishing up his Science Degree he spent time working as a Scientist, where amongst other achievements he was instrumental in finding the cause of some neuro-degenerative diseases – that are now making break through’s due to the continued work of his Science peers.   But Ben wasn’t cut out for cutting up Cadeva’s… and luckily for the Financial Planning Association of Australia (and all of us)… he is far better suited to slicing his way through Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Legislation – on his way to hopefully creating a Financial Planning Profession that we can all be proud of.

In our Podcast episode that we recorded live from FPA HQ (as I read over a copy of Microsoft Project 2007 from the Bookshelf)… Ben and I spent time exploring his history before he joined the FPA, how he got into the Industry and how he ultimately became the Head of Policy & Government Relations at the FPA of Australia.   As a legit scientist Ben didn’t take any of my crap when I tried to use a whole bunch of “hear say” and “I heard” garbage with him when it came to what the Industry / Profession needs to fix, and why the “System” is broken.

Backing up his view with cold hard facts (and getting all Sciencey at the same time) – I started to feel a lot more comfortable that as long as people like Ben are helping to shape the future of our Profession, that we’re going to be ok…

For the record Ben’s favourite books from the “Gwen Fletcher Library” in FPA HQ – are the “Dilbert Principle” and “Never Retire” (because his Dad has just turned 75 and is still practicing law)… in between his time reading the pages and pages of reports and research findings from all around the Financial Planning world.

After spending time with Ben…. I’m making everyone a promise… If Ben puts his thoughts on Paper (or voices it live on Stage) then I’m going to listen… because I know it comes from a place of wanting to improve the quality of the Advice that we all want to provide – that our clients all need us to be able to give to them.  Because Ben is on our side!


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