Episode 16 – Matthew Burgess – the Legal Pioneer who told “Big Law” their model was broken, too expensive and didn’t work inside the Financial Services landscape

Matthew’s words tell you what was wrong with Big Law “I couldn’t afford to see myself, and most smart people wouldn’t see me either”!!

To say that Matt Burgess is a ‘pioneer’ in the Legal space is an understatement of epic proportions… he didn’t just break the mould… he through it out, and created a completely new one from scratch…  One that was designed – finally – with his clients in mind, both the Financial Advisers and Accountants he works with, and their end clients that he and they work for…. and to do it he walked away from an extremely well paid Partnership space in a Law firm turning over $150m a year in fees!

In our Podcast you’ll hear Matt’s story about how he saw an opportunity to offer Legal Solutions (mainly Estate Planning) to the clients of Financial Advisers and Accountants with a reduction of up to 90% of what the Market Price was at the time, and is now – all powered by Technology and removal of duplication.  But you’ll also hear the mindset and strategic thinking of a great entrepreneur and business owner, who understands his market, what they want, what they are willing to pay, and how to build it for them.

Something all of our listeners can definitely benefit from.


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