Episode 15 – Lea Schodel – Joins us for this one hour Money Mindfullness session…bring your Yoga mat and an open mind!

Imagine your in a tranquil place…. water softly running over rocks down a gentle stream…. forest birds calling each other… and Lea Schodel guiding your thoughts through the journey from Financial Planner to Money Coach..

That is exactly what you’ll get from our poddie today….albeit interrupted at times by your truly…but I promise even my monotone voice and long winded questions will not distract you today….. today you will be present and focussed…. as Lea helps you ‘show up’ to explore the new and exciting world of Money Coaching and how it has a lot of parallels with the practice of Yoga.

Now some of the skeptics…..might think… “here we go…..another Planner just trying to get out of all the compliance side by calling herself a ‘Money Coach'”.  But as you’ll learn…the worlds of Financial Advice and Money Coaching….whilst they should coexist…are not one and the same.

Lea believes she better serves her clients by leaving the Financial Advice to someone else and just focussing on her Coaching.  It is this belief that has enabled her to build a practice that isnt restricted by borders.. or concepts that only apply to “Traditional Advice”.

So light that scented candle… open your mind…. find somewhere comfortable… and

Enjoy a journey into the world of Money Coaching (and caravanning 😉) with the amazing Lea Schodel


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