Episode 14 – Michael Kitces – Why you don’t need to outrun the “Regulation” Grizzly – only the other Financial Planners who don’t run fast enough, or get caught standing still!

  • We all know Michael as ‘the guy in the Blue shirt that knows everything about Financial
    Planning’ – not just in the U.S.A but around the World. So how do you introduce the most influential and well known individual in Financial Planning… Maybe you start by saying that this will be one of those Podcast episodes that you will listen to in 10 or 15 years and it will be just as value packed then as it is today…. Nah…you guys know that already… Michael’s insights are timeless and always spot on… too easy…How about by sharing some of his pearls of wisdom that he drops over the course of our chat… knowing that they will polarise our community…but need to be heard by all nonetheless… nup too hard…Michael doesn’t do pearls of Wisdom… more entire colony’s of Clams… containing thousands of pearls… can’t fit them into an intro.So I guess I will just have to share why I loved playing back our interview a week after recording it… somtimes when you hear a truly great mind in your Industry speak you get a bit caught up in who is saying the words rather than really listening to what they are saying.  I mean really listening… like it is just you and them….Maybe you are on a bus on the way to a nightclub at XYPN16….maybe you are running through the mountains together from a Regulatory Grizzly trying to eat you… or maybe your lucky enough to spend time on a Podcast with them…as they distil decades of knowledge, learning and insight into 70 minutes of clarity and much needed guidance.  I know this is one of those times that we all need to truly listen…. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.Visit Our Poddie Partners:

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