Episode 13 – Natalie Wright – One of the UK’s Top 35 under 35 Financial Planners – on balancing being a career focused female Financial Planner, a mum and a still finding time to seek out your community

Natalie is one of the UK’s best and brightest young Financial Planners.  She’s a perfect example of everything the Industry needs to strive towards, if it is to truly become a Profession…. she’s already achieved so much, not the least of which was starting her family a few years back, oh yeah – and being promoted 1 week before going on maternity leave – that sort of sums Natalie up… she has such a “why can’t I do it” attitude that is infectious – and I hope you catch some of it from listening to her story.

Chosen as one of the UK’s “The Top 35 Next Generation Advisers” in 2017 by New Model Adviser – Natalie is very self aware, knowing exactly what her strengths (and her weaknesses) are.  She has worked her way up from an ‘entry level’ role in a traditional Financial Planning practice, to being an integral part of the Mazars team – and fast tracking her way towards becoming a Director – fingers crossed on the promotion Nat 🙂

She is clearly someone who doesn’t just take the path she is expected to, seeking out and gaining a promotion just a week before going on Maternity Leave is another example of her desire to improve herself and continue to advance her knowledge and her career.

17 years in Financial Services learning her craft from the early days in compliance roles, before moving into research and Para Planning,  gave Natalie all of the practical experience she needed before becoming a Financial Planner.   That said, she is a huge advocate for Education and continually raising your own standards, rather than just doing what the industry “expects” of you as a bare minimum.

Natalie’s passion for seeking out and finding new ways to learn and improve – brought her to the NextGen Planners (led by Adam Carolan who I spoke to in Episode 09) where she has found a group of other young at mind (and heart) Planners who are sharing and pushing the Industry forward to the Profession she hopes it will become.

My chat with Natalie canvasses her journey, her experiences, successes and struggles – and she is very open about balancing her role as a career woman and young mother – and other challenges that young female Financial Planners face.  She is someone that we can all look up to and follow – as she leads the way towards the future of Financial Planning.

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