Episode 11 – Greg Einfeld – Our first legit ROBO says we shouldn’t fear them – and why he actually prefers the term “Digital Advisers”

Greg is one of the smartest blokes I know – after all, he was the Head of the Insurance team that hired me for a job at MLC back in 2001 – so he must be a genius!  Of course he’s also an Actuary by training and trade, has run his own Financial Planning business and has now created the ROBO “Plenty” (well – he calls them “Digital Advisers”).  And he is our first legit Robo! So of course I had to ask him all the tough questions including “why are you guys coming for us?”

Of course when you hear Greg speak you’ll quickly realise that he and Plenty aren’t really after us – in fact he is very much pro Advice and that is precisely why he created Plenty – to serve the majority of Australian’s that have never got around to seeking Financial Advice, in large part due to the high initial advice cost of traditional advice models.  Greg is one of the most credentialed and articulate Financial Services professionals I’ve ever worked with, and his viewed are always level headed and considered – which is why he is a great guest to tackle the emotive topic of Robo Advice.

My chat with Greg begins with the best attempt at a Robo voice we’ve had on the show – well it is the only attempt at a Robo voice that we’ll had on the show so far – but it is amazing…

From there I hit Greg between the eyes straight away with why and how his Robo mates will be ‘coming for us’ to take over the Financial Advice world one helpless planner at a time!  He quickly attempts to allay my fears (I’ll let you be the judge of whether he’s telling the truth or not) and sets about explaining in his all too logical and calm voice – just why “Digital Advisers” aren’t a threat at all – and that they are an essential part of the Advice ecosystem that has been sorely missing until now.

Greg also talks candidly about his time and experiences being authorised under the now defunct Dover licensee, as well as squarely taking aim at the current proposed education standards and FASEA, and you can go about building your own Digital Advice model – well, once he figures out exactly how to do it himself – because it is still very early in this technology based journey for himself and his fellow DIGO’s (that’s my term…pronounced Didge – Owes!)

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