Episode 09 – Adam Carolan – why Financial Advisers with a NextGen mindset are changing the game in the United Kingdom

Don’t let his baby face fool you – Adam Carolan has a wise head on his 35 year old shoulders.  Losing his father when he when he was still at University gave him a perspective on life that most of us don’t attain until we’re well past the “half-way” point.  It is clear when you listen to Adam’s story, that he has an understanding of what the word ‘values’ really means – and why he’s considered to be one of the leading voices in the Financial Planning community in the United Kingdom…especially amongst his beloved NextGen Planners.

Adam’s journey from his days in University, through a brief stint in Investment Banking and an Insurance company to where he is today – one of the youngest MD’s of a large and successful integrated Financial Planning firm (Xentum) – has paved the way for his ‘next’ chapter – One where he will surely lead the change that the industry needs in the UK, through his NextGen Planner community of young at mind Financial Advisers.

My conversation with Adam starts as always with his history and family story…  He shares his personal journey through different industry roles and companies to where he is today – the MD of Xentum – and what he’s learnt along the way.

But it’s when Adam starts to talk about the future of the Industry and Profession in the UK that you can hear his passion truly come through.  Never one to sit idly by and wait for others to show the way, Adam and fellow Spurs fan Rohan launched NextGen Planners in 2016 – already with a tribe of 350+ Planners from all walks of life – to shape and drive the future of Financial Planning in the United Kingdom.

Adam’s grasp of the macro side of the UK Financial Planning market is just the icing on what is an already well baked (and hopefully tasty) ‘conversation cake’.  We discuss the parallels and differences between the UK, US and Australian market – where we they are moving forwards, and how we can all learn from each other – to make huge differences for our clients, ourselves and our practices.

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