Episode 08 – Danielle Cornelissen – takes my “Top 5 Issues with Outsourcing” and smashes every one of them. Proving this is more an issue with the “Locals” than it is with “Globals”

Danielle has one of those typical laid back Aussie attitudes – she doesn’t seem to get to wound up about stuff – and maybe that’s why she is the perfect person to discuss the heated topic of ‘Offshoring Talent’ with me on the show.

Her journey to creating ‘5 ELK – Outsourcing Solutions for Financial Advice Businesses’ – started from her own Advice practice in Country Victoria – where the issues of finding, and engaging great talent as well as the inevitable issue of Succession – took her across the ocean, via some humanitarian work in Cambodia, to the Philippines – where today she provides Global Talent to more than 60 Advice Practices.

My conversation with Danielle starts with her origins in Advice, at their (her and Paul’s) practice in Warrnambool, and then moves into the world of Global Talent Outsourcing.  I give her what I see as the 5 main criticisms of Outsourcing – and she takes each criticism head on.

What starts out as a very practical look into the Pros and Cons of outsourcing, evolves into a conversation about good and bad workplace culture – from the CEO down – that applies as equally to offshore teams as it does to ‘local operations’.

Danielle’s passion for people comes through in spades and even if you don’t think Outsourcing is right for your firm, you will leave this episode with a renewed and refreshed view on what it takes to create a great team in a modern Advice Practice.

Show Notes:

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