Episode 07 – Chris Bates – LinkedIn Legend, GenXY Property Expert and vocal Financial Adviser shares his secrets!

Sitting in a Cafe in 2015, at the bottom of a Corporate HQ in Sydney, Chris and I started up a conversation about “changing things up in Financial Planning”.  At the time, he still had a chip on his shoulder when it came to the Financial Planning Industry – something he acknowledges in our discussion.  But I don’t think that Chris would have been able to predict how much influence he would have on the industry in just a few years time.

Canopy Private – a business name that he still isn’t 100% in love with – is a non traditional Financial Planning practice in so many ways.  Focussing on GenXY clients isn’t as non-traditional as it was 4 years ago, but what is non-traditional is how Chris has Property at the centre of his client focused Advice offer.  Going well beyond the usual “Goals” based conversation around property to include Buyers Advocates, and acting as a “devils advocate” for his clients – to ensure they make sound property decisions.  He also doesn’t believe in over complicating the Advice with too much technology – preferring to use pen and paper to draw and explain concepts to clients.

My conversation with Chris begins back at the Cafe and our discussion then, and weaves in and out of his views on so many aspects of the Financial Planning Industry – whether Planners should also do Mortgage Broking, the role of Property in the Investment Portfolio of all clients, the importance (or lack there of) Education, why the Barefoot Investor isn’t our enemy, his new Property Podcast – and of course how he came to own the LinkedIn space for Financial Advisers.

We even discuss his views on his side project – River Cottage Australia 🙂

Show Notes:

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