Episode 06 – Authenticity Advocate – Sarah Riegelhuth – takes us on her journey from South Melbourne “Client Keggers” to running a multi million dollar global practice

Sarah and I started our Financial Planning journey’s together…  in fact I joked at the time that Experience Wealth (EW) and Wealth Enhancers (WE) were going to grow into two sides of the same mirrored business.  EW would grow into a “Lifestyle Practice” and WE would take over the world… but both would aim to do something that most had thought too hard – build a business focused on Millennial clients.

Wealth Enhancer’s – under the guidance of Sarah and her business partner Finn Kelly – hasn’t just “taken over the world” from a traditional business point of view (with revenue’s in the multi-million dollars and targeting $5m to $10m in the not too distant future), but Sarah in particular has done it whilst maintaining an authenticity both in self and in business that is truly unrivalled in the world of Financial Planning.

In true ‘authentic’ fashion, Sarah and I conduct this recording from our remote locations – me in the East Benter’s “office” and Sarah from her pad in Vancouver – providing a very fitting backdrop to the ‘no Fs given’ interview and approach that Sarah has embraced.

My chat with Sarah begins reminiscing about our joint Xmas function back in 2012 and quickly evolves into a no holds barred discussion around the role of Financial Planners in the Millennial space.  Sarah talks openly about the highs and lows of running a practice that is striving to do things differently – from the early days in South Melbourne where she and Finn would host ‘client Keggers’ that spilled into the lane way behind her office, to her email to clients telling them “WE is almost broke” and ultimately bringing us to 2018 where she now runs a true ‘global’ business with 200+ “Members” and a team of 16 working from 5 continents!

She also shares her views on Technology and why she ended up dumping Financial Planning software for a Tech Stack of best of breed solutions, why she is a super Financial Planning Feminist – and her mission to make Millennials the “1st Financially Free Generation in Australia”…. oh yeah… and we discuss “that Insta photo”…

For as long as I’ve known Sarah she has been a fearless leader… showing her peers the way towards a better future for themselves, their clients and the industry…. and our chat is another reminder for me that her story is only just getting started, and the next chapters will be the most exciting yet!

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