Episode 05 – Matt Heine shares his inspirational family story, the history of Netwealth’s focus on customers and why Advisers need to look outside the Industry to stay strategically relevant

The Heine family has been a part of the Australian Financial Services fabric since the 1990s – but the seed of the success that Matt Heine and his father Michael reside over today, can be found back in pre WWII Germany, where Matt’s Grandfather – a Fabric and Steel Trader – was taken from his family and shipped across the ocean on the infamous Dunera.

Arriving in Australia not speaking a word of English and with no money, he was quickly released from a POW camp and enlisted in the Australian Army.  Teaching himself how to speak English, he went on to build the largest steel trading company (working with BHP) in Australia and around the world at the time.  When you hear Matt speak of his Grandfather, Father and Uncles you begin to understand why family, legacy and fairness are cornerstones of what he believes in and tries to bring to his (now) publicly listed company – Netwealth.

More commonly known for his passion for all things Innovation and Technology (he coined the terms “AdviceTech”), I spend time talking with Matt about his recent trips to both Silicon Valley and NY’s “Silicon Alley” – specifically about what he found there – and how he feels it will impact Financial Advice practices both in Australia and around the World.

He also shares some of the insights that you can find from the release of Netwealth’s 3rd Annual “AdviceTech Report”, his views on the Royal Commission and how that might affect Licensing for Financial Advisers – and what a Dealer Group 2.0 will need to look like to succeed in the future.

Matt and his family are truly an inspirational part of the Australian Financial Services landscape, and this is an episode that hopefully inspires and invigorates you to strive to be your best you every day.

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