Episode 03: Award winning Super Hero Peita Diamantidis talks ProBlogger, Fincon and the art of Story Telling

Peita “D” to her friends that can’t pronounce her surname correctly (what… I can.. I just don’t want to right now), has one of the most infectious personalities you’ll ever meet.  Which is why she probably didn’t make it as an Investment Banker… but it is definitely why she is an awesome Financial Adviser – and was winner of the AFA Female Excellence in Advice award in 2016.

Luckily for us, her love of talking and numbers culminated in a human that is just one of the best story tellers you’ll hear.   She has taken her skills (and her love of Star Wars) all over the world and is now sharing it with Financial Advisers, trying to help them tell their own Stories, and help their clients tell and then ultimately live their own Super Hero novel.

In this interview you’ll hear Peita share her views on what engagement is and isn’t – when it comes to clients.  Why she spends so much time looking outside the industry for inspiration at conferences like Pro Blogger and Fincon…. and why May the 4th should be a national holiday… (well she didn’t really say that but I bet she believes it!).

Show Notes:

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