Episode 01: Welcome to “The Robo’s Are Coming!” The show helping Financial Advisers battle Irrelevance

Picture this…

On one side of the table is your ‘Ideal Client’ – on the other side you sit next to a “Robo Adviser” (for the purposes of the Podcast let’s just say that “Robo” could stand for just about anything… Amazon, Google, Apple, Fintech, Regtech, YouTube.. you catch my drift).

Anyway… your Ideal Client asks what on the surface is a fairly simple question – and you both get to take turns answering.   “How do you help me make smarter, more confident decisions with my money?  And how exactly have your Products, Services and Solutions been designed with me in mind?”

It is these types of questions that some Advisers (both Human and Robo) can answer without a second thought, and with some confidence that they’ll give the answer their Ideal Client is hoping to hear.

But for some of us, we aren’t quite sure that our answer is going to be exactly what our Ideal Client is looking for.  Maybe we haven’t really worked out how we help our clients “make smarter, more confident decisions with their money” just yet.   Maybe our ‘Products, Services and Solutions’ are a little dated…and need a refresh.

I very much put myself in the later group… not because I don’t think we’re good enough… but because I think we can always build and deliver better client designed experiences and Advice.

But what about our Robo Friend?   Well depending on his “Products” he will either nail the answer or miss it entirely… His “Services” might be how the Ideal Client wants to consume the products, or it might not be.   His technology “Solutions” are probably pretty good though.. we could definitely learn a thing or two from him.

So that’s what I’m hoping to do in this show… help all of us learn a ‘thing or two’ from how the “Robo’s” of the World are planning on taking our clients from us, and keeping the new ones from ever reaching out for our Advice.

We can beat them together!

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